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What We Do

ADVID online is Dedicated to providing your company with a quality video and custom soundtrack or jingle that captures the heart and soul of your business, services or product.

We write the Script

record the voiceover

The script is pretty much the storyboard of the video.

We gather the bullet points of what you want to convey, the highlights of the service or product you provide.


We arrive at your business

This is a lot less invasive than you would think. We are in & out in about an hour with all the video clips and audio we need to share your message or story via a video.


putting it all together

 We arrange the video clips to coincide with the voice over of the script, add custom music or a licensed selection from an audio library and then produce your video and make it available for you to see before it's published.

Some of our Clients


    We love our work!     

We LOVE providing you with a video you can place on your website or social media platforms that can be viewed whenever your particular service or product is being searched for. Now you can share what you do and how you do it in just a minute or so...

Check out some of our very satisfied clients and the videos ADVID online has produced for them!

Barbara Kowal

Liberty Locksmiths

Ali Bei with ADVID online has created several videos for us which we're very pleased and happy with, he just does a really great job! I suggest you give him a call and if you need to leave him a message he'll get back to you right away.

Denny Tornatore

Tornatore Pizzeria

I've been working with ADVID online for quite some time now, the owner Ali Bei is a great friend, I've been working with him making videos for advertising. Couldn't be happier with his service, prices are great and his work is great!

About us

The launching of 

ADVID online

It began in 1985 when a stranger approached Ali Bei and asked him to write a jingle for his company to advertise on the radio. At the time, Ali was performing with an eight piece band at Duke University in Virginia. The gentleman told him the name and nature of his company and Ali went to work writing the jingle.

Later that night, Ali called and played it for him over the phone. The gentleman liked it so much he drove to Ali’s home and wrote him a check that very night. His jingle was recorded the following day and was on the radio within a week. The jingle was so successful that it stayed on the airwaves in the Virginia Beach area for more than ten years.

Over the years Ali continued writing jingles and developing his own recording and video editing skills. The rest, as they say, is history and

ADVID online was born.

est - 2009

Pricing and Rates


 Average cost between $750.00 to $1,250.00

  • Production: Half day $400.00 (up to 4 hours). Basic video production rates includes a Director/Producer with a full 1080p HD camera, basic audio package,  basic lighting package and in 1 location.

Average cost between $1,950 to $2,450.00

  • Production: More than 1 day $700.00 a day (up to 8 hours). More than one half day $550.00 (up to 4 hours) a half day. Advance production video rates includes a Director/Producer with 3 or more full 1080p HD cameras, 1 or more videographers, Multiple scenarios of recording. Advanced lighting kit and up to 5 locations.

Area we Serve

ADVID online will meet you where you are, anywhere in the United States

We are based in Central Florida

Looking forward to working with you!

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